Lightning Protection

Roksna India is the national distributors of Conventiona Lightning Arresters and ESE type Advance Lightning Arresters which is designed using latest technologies to ground the lightning current equally into the ground by conveying a safe and sound path of its movement.

Conventional Lightning Protection

Lightning occurs very frequently & usually associated with thunderstorm so it would be hard to control. It terminates on a tree, structure, or wiring, this is generally called a lightning strike. Lightning is not only the wonderful gift from nature, although it has excessively dangerous. About 2,000 people are killed worldwide by lightning each year. So Lightning is a natural furry caused by an imbalance between electrical positive and negative charges. It is not only effect on services but also effects enormous on survive. People suffer from a variety of serious symptoms, including memory loss, dizziness, weakness, numbness, and other life-altering mind sickness. A typical lightning protection system is designed to protect structures or buildings from damages caused by the powerful high voltage & current. Protecting the building and its contents from external effects by dissipating that powerful energy by creating low resistance path to ground where the enormous energy is then safely dissipated to ground. Conventional lightning protection system is designed to protect the building, equipment, structures, and users from damages through lighting which is high strength energy. JMV offer a supreme quality conventional lightning system and have IS 2309, & IEC 62305-3 complying standard. We offer two types of conventional lightning one is single rod and other is 5-spikes. Single rod is available in GI, aluminum, & copper and a height of 750mm, 1m, or 2m. 5-spikes are made up of copper clad aluminum. Conventional Lightning Protection system provides the conical shape protection for building, plant or industries.

Product Specification

  • It is not sensitive to bad weather.
  • Replaceable technology.
  • Excellent electrical dissipation characteristics.
  • Dissipating dangerous shocks into ground quickly.
  • No electronic parts so No energy consumption.

  • Advantages

  • Easy to Install
  • Offer Long Life
  • Very cost effective
  • Low Maintenance required Tested in the laboratory
  • Works according to lighting spectrum

  • Applications

  • Lightning protection system Uses at Homes, Building, Plant
  • These installed at communications towers, television stationsOil gas platforms, high rise buildings, schools, hospitals, factories.
  • Explosive & volatile fuels storage areas
  • Industries

  • Sugar and paper Industry
  • Petrol & Chemical Industry
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Highly use in electrical & electronics industry
  • ESE

    Advance Lightning Arrester

    ESE is a non-electronic based Lightning Protection designed to protect the entire structure of a building in the event of direct lightning strikes. It allows lightning current to follow a low resistance path through the down conductor to ground, thus protect the structure from physical damage. Its importance has highly been appreciated and recognized by various important structures like hospitals, schools to smokestacks, high rises and from ultimate homes to refineries, Industries, solar plant & mines, infrastructure and many more


    Product Specification Features

  • Designed on latest technology i.e. ION Streamer.
  • Complying standards like NF C 17-102:2011, EN 50164 and UNE 21.186.
  • ESE terminal is made up of stainless steel suitable for every weather conditions.
  • Offering better corrosion resistant.
  • Completely non-electronics which allow optimum performance.
  • Advantages

  • Very low dispersion performance, with respectively for each standard deviation.
  • Is not sensitive to bad weather thanks to its internal spark gap
  • Tested in the Ampere laboratory at the CNRS in Lyon
  • Patented technology
  • Electrostatic activation of the streamer emission when the Electromagnetic earth field gets larger.
  • Applications

  • Illustration of Roks ESE Lightning Protection System is not drawn to scale nor does it portray an actual or typical application.
  • ESE lightning conductor is designed to illustrate some of the major components of the Roks ESE Lightning Protection System and their relationship with one another.
  • Lightning Strike Counter:-

    Lightning Strike Counter-Lightning Strike Tracker Lightning strike counter is used for recording times of lightning strike of various kinds of lightning eliminators and lightning rod. It is kind of Electro Mechanical counter with 6 Digit display facility, lightning strikes provides valuable information for the maintenance and safety of all structures and its occupants . This functional device can show the intact operation of the lightning system. By using an inductive record, the lightning counter is able accurately count all lightning events for a later reference. It works with an inductive effect of the lightning strike Counter. The event counter has the standard width of two modules. This lightning strike tracker is required to be supplied with power by a 9V zinc-manganese battery, which needs to be replaced when the digital display is not luminous, and is installed in the standard guide rail.

    Product Specification


  • Advanced lightning system based on latest lightning research and technology, Location of air terminal(s) on structure is determined using LPSD, Roksna's proprietary lightning strike Counter System Designer package, Collection Volume design principle used by LPSD resulting in the most effective lightning protection coverage.


  • Lightning discharges counting and saving requires no external power supply.
  • Our Lightning Strike Counter consists of circuitry containing rectifier, capacitor Electronic switching system that is connected to mechanical counting relay.
  • The lightning strike detector includes a high frequency transformer.
  • Economical and easy to install.
  • Applications

  • The lightning surge Counter can be used wherever there is the possibility of direct lightning strike Counter that may affect valuable equipment and/or facilities.
  • These include communications towers, television stations, oil/gas platforms, high rise buildings, schools, hospitals, factories, and explosive/volatile fuels storage areas.
  • Applications that require area protection or that would benefit from the application of an isolated protection system would benefit in particular using the lightning surge Counter
  • Indusreial

  • LNG
  • Electrical Traders