Roksna India is the prominent supplier and exporter of Back Fill Compound. Environmental Free Non Corrosive Granulated/Gel Form Chemical Earth Enhancing Earthing Compound Conductivity improving minerals, Hygroscopic Gel conductive mineral. The offered product is widely known for creating a low resistance zone around the lectrode so that the electrode output is constant. Committed to the satisfaction of our clients at prime, we ensure a defect-free range for the customers.
Roksfill, an advanced earth enhancing material is a highly efficient, maintenance free, long lasting, easy to use and eco friendly solution to your grounding problems. This low resistance ground enhancing solution is a non corrosive, superior conductive compound designed to improve grounding effectiveness in areas with high soil resistivity, such as rocky ground, mountain tops, sandy soil and areas of moisture variation.


  • Conforms IEC 62561-7 standard, which included Leaching Test, Corrosion Test, Sulfur Test and Resistivity Test to check the efficiency of compound on environmental regulations.
  • It forms a jelly like protective surroundings to provide better conductivity and maintain earth resistivity without any damaging effects to the rods.
  • It does not dissolve, decompose or leach out with time and provides a good life span without any need to have scheduled or routine maintenance.
  • It protects an earthing rod from direct contact with soil by forming an unsolvable gel protective layer which maintains moisture in the soil and reduces the ohmic value at a desirable level.
  • Advantages

  • Highly conductive
  • Applicable for every soil type
  • A maintenance free solution
  • Ideal for poor soil conditions or remote installations
  • Easy to handle as it comes in 20 kg Bag with easy installation.
  • Roksfill 3G Compound(GEM)

    To achieve lower resistance value7G Roksfill is use in earthing. It is used where soil have high resistance value like rocky, sandy, or desert soil. It is also known as soil reactivation compound. This compound absorbs a huge amount water and transform into thick jelly. When we use jam plus with earthing electrode then it dramatically increase the conductivity and decrease the earth resistance. It is readily available in packaging of 20 kg bags.


  • Maintain constant resistance of the soil
  • Non-corrosive
  • Easily installable: only person can install
  • Execute in all soil conditions even in dry
  • Advantages
  • Not require periodic replacement
  • Water is not require continuously to maintain its conductivity
  • High quality raw material and having high strength
  • Roksfill 7G Compound

    Low Resistivity Earthing Compound . This Low Resistivity Earthing Compound offered by us is made as per the set international norms. These products are using high grade raw materials keeping in mind the needs and demands of our clients These products are used to improve the conductivity of the earth electrode and ground contact area.

    Roksfill BFC as per IS:3043
    Roksfill BFC as per IEEE:80
    Roksfill BFC as per BS:7430
    Roksfill BFC as per IEC:60364-5
    Roksfill BFC as per IEC:62561-7
    Roksfill BFC as per ASTMG57-06

    Features :-

  • Quality oriented
  • Resistivity
  • Nominal rates
  • Industrial standard
  • Reliability
  • Long Life
  • High Heat Dissipation factor
  • Does not remove or leach out with time
  • Additional Information:

    Item Code: RKSF030

    Packaging Details: Standard Export Packing or Packed IN 20Kg Bag.